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About skrudumra

I am definitely what someone would refer to as a jack of all trades and at age 43, I've managed to master a few along the way. I have been riding motorcycles since age 10 and through my late teenage years lived pretty dangerously on them. I'm lucky to have survived! Now, I'm an adult with grown up sensibility and values. I still like to go fast. I still enjoy having a good time with my friends and consider myself to be fun loving. The difference being that I've all but abandoned my wreckless ways in favor of good judgement. I have been clean and sober for nearly two years and fully intend to stay that way for the rest of my life. I am pursuing a career in photojournalism and my work has been published in a national free publication events magazine. See ya out there!

Hello Motoregon!

I go by Skrudumra online, but my last name is Kudrna (Koo-der-naw).  The nick name skrudumra was given by a close friend and I’ve used it the cyber world for about 15 years now. I am very excited to be … Continue reading

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