Hello Motoregon!

I go by Skrudumra online, but my last name is Kudrna (Koo-der-naw).  The nick name skrudumra was given by a close friend and I’ve used it the cyber world for about 15 years now. I am very excited to be contributing to this blog/e-zine, as I have quite a few contacts in the motorcycling world concerning motorcycle events in the Willamette Valley. I am also employed as a staff writer for a free national publication concerning events related news. I had been a household and office mover for quite a few years when my dispatcher told me that he was doing some photo journalism work. I told him that I could write pretty well and although I sure that he was thinking, “Sure you can…”, he gave me an opportunity to prove it. It just so happened that he was supposed to cover two events that were clear across the state from one another. He decided to focus on one and give the other to me. I was told that if the publisher liked my work I would be paid. My assignment was to take no less than 100 photos and write a story promoting the event. I did just that and the rest is history. I got a full two pages in the magazine and was paid pretty handsomely! I was hooked. I knew at that point that this is what I needed to do for my career.

I will be contributing regularly to this site with personal stories, experiences and covering events. I also have a few ideas of how to really get Motoregon out there and really make this a favorite of motorcyling readers statewide. With winter knocking on the door, the riding will be less and the writing will be more! I know, that’s not very funny, but still very true… Until next time, bye for now.


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